Crimer Scene (feat. SENA)

from by Kéknyúl




Broke into my dreams and started a chase
Reading maps on each other's face
Eloquent lines lead us to a place where
The two of us come all unlaced

A day-after huddle a pile of smoke
Unloaded questions framed as jokes
Cherry gloss post production frost gone lifeless clothes spread across the lawn
Love jumps into another dawn

Under fading halos of the night sky
Turn this love scene into a crime
Tangled bodies in chalk dust lines
Turn this love scene into a crime

The con is on and a blinded view
Telepathic eyes stare right through you
Psychotic lines whites lies burn
Criminal minds they start to turn

Embarassed and harassed then let be
A nasty exchange at half past three
Witnessed by no one but you me
Our vacated hearts and our dying pleas

Love rings up another casualty


Stranded in the storm
An abandoned morning
We killed our story



from Live at Akvárium (feat. SENA), released January 2, 2017


all rights reserved


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